If you’ve ever received a ticket from the Claremore Police Department and not paid it, you may want to get it taken care of — there could already be a warrant out for your arrest.

The names of nearly 2,000 offenders, big and small, have been placed on arrest warrants with the Claremore Police Department, and the police are taking them seriously.

“What we’re looking for are persons who’ve either failed to pay (on citations) or failed to make their court appearance — this would include everything from traffic tickets to misdemeanors — any offense against the City that was never taken care of, basically,” said Claremore Chief of Police Mickey Perry. “Since 2000, there have been 1,890 cases where someone failed to pay or appear, and those are the persons whose names are now on warrants.”

Chief Perry said that persons who’ve thought they would “get away” with not paying tickets are mistaken, and could be surprised at the penalty.

“One thing a lot of people don’t realize is that, once a warrant is issued for them, they can lose their driver’s license and face incarceration,” he said.

While Perry said it’s understandable when circumstances prevent someone from making a court appearance, but he feels that “irresponsibility” is key in people not taking citations or court appearances seriously.

“We understand that things happen, but many of these (warrants) are on persons who thought they could ‘get away’ with not paying for a citation or not showing up in court — that’s hardly responsible,” he said. “It would be much better for them if they contact the City Clerk and try to make arrangements to get this taken care of, before their warrants are served. If they get in touch with us and let us know they’re trying to resolve it, we’ll do what we can to work with them.”

Ultimately, Perry said the police aren’t looking to arrest offenders so much as they are make them accountable.

“We’re not going out there wanting to put people in jail or take their license because they didn’t pay for a ticket they got for running a stop sign,” Chief Perry said. “We’re not in this for any revenue, either — we just want people to be responsible, and get these things resolved.”

For information regarding citations or failed court appearances, contact the Claremore City Clerk’s office at 341-1325.