Virginia Rhine’s bid to open an indoor flea market in an old church building at 202 N. Oseuma made little headway with the City Council Monday night.

Three people - a resident and two landowners -voiced opposition to Rhine’s application for commercial zoning.

City Planner Gene Edwards spoke out in support of Rhine’s plans. “This is not included in the body of the community. What you have is the tip of a neighborhood. It is not in the heart of the neighborhood,” Edwards said. He pointed out that pockets of commercial zoning are already in place immediately south and east.

Charles and Della Amos, property owners who have invested heavily in revitalizing the older neighborhood — once a center of black education and culture in Claremore — see any additional commercial zoning in the area as continued erosion of the residential area.

“If this keeps up there will be businesses in between houses,” said Della Amos. “How many people would want to live there and raise their children there.”

“Would you want a flea market in your neighborhood?” Charles Amos asked.

The Council split 4-4 on the first motion to deny the rezoning. A motion to approve the zoning was made and withdrawn. A third motion was made, on the advice of the City Attorney, to continue the action until the June 5 meeting.