After more than an hour behind closed doors, members of the Claremore City Council took no action on two separate executive session items and promptly adjourned.

On the agenda was an executive session with City Attorney Randall Elliott to discuss nine ongoing lawsuits filed against the city. Among the lawsuits is the claim filed by former city employee Curtis Green.

Also on the executive session agenda was performance reviews of the city manager and the finance director.

City Manager Troy Powell has been on the job since Dec. 1, 2005. Finance director Serena Kauk has been employed at the city for nearly two years.

In other Council action:

•Approved the adoption of the 2006 edition of the International Property Maintenance Code, the 2006 edition of the International Residential Code, and the 2006 International Building Code.

Claremore Director of Operations Matt Mueller told Council members the adoption of the new Property Maintenance Code would affect “very little” with regard to builders, but is the most current property maintenance code in use.

“We’re at a point where we need a true housing code,” Mueller said, “and this is the industry standard for that, which would address property maintenance of existing structures.”

Mueller said bringing buildings into compliance with the newly adopted code would be identical to that of the previous code, with letters issued informing persons in cases of code violations, giving them ten days to bring the property into compliance.

Similarly, City Building Inspector who told Council members the new Residential Code would result in “no big changes,” but primarily change the verbiage in the existing Code.

•Heard reports from Park and Recreation Director Joe Kays about the operations of the Park and Recreation Department, which consists of Park Maintenance, Lake, Community, and Recreation Center.

Claremore Super Recreation Center Director Mitch Louderback also told Council members about recent changes at the rec center, including the installation of turnstiles near the front desk.

and the addition of a batting cage in the basketball court.

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