Surplus funds due in Rogers County has boosted the county’s budget by approximately $400,000.

Extra funding has enabled the county to allow for pay raises and a one-time stipend to the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office.

“There is more money to work with this year,” District 1 Commissioner Gerry Payne told the Rogers County Excise Board Monday.

District 3 Commissioner Randy Baldridge attributed the dollar increase directly to growth in the county. Rogers County has been identified by economists as the state’s fastest growing county.

Appropriations for this year’s budget totals $14,992,933, with revenue projected at $15,013,153. Last year’s appropriations totaled 13,478,096, with revenue projected at $14,812,228.

Of the projected revenue, more than $700,000 is collected through court fines, and approximately $1.8 million is to be collected through the county’s one-cent sales tax.

Included in the 2006-07 budget are raises of $100 per employee, and longevity raises at the rate of $50 per month for 20-year plus employees; $75 per month for 25-year plus employees; and $100 per month for 30-year plus employees.

The Rogers County Emergency Management Director also received a raise to first deputy pay, and the Integrated Systems Administrator received a 10 percent raise of base salary due to the increase in that position’s duties.

A one-time stipend of $120,000 was added to the sheriff’s budget, which will enable his department to purchase vehicles and add two employees.

“The sheriff’s department has been doing a good job keeping crime down, and he needs those things to keep that going,” Baldridge said.

General government appropriations was up more than $430,000 over last year, due to increased expenses.

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