Melton building fire

Claremore firefighters work to extinguish a structure fire Wednesday morning that burned through a two-story building attached to Melton Auto Sales detail shop.

Mark Friedel
Claremore Progress
A structure fire occurred around 11 a.m. Wednesday on the eastside of Melton Auto Sales. 
The fire started in a building attached to the detail shop of the dealership on Missouri Street.
Rob Melton, of Melton Auto Sales,  said the building was unoccupied at the time of the fire and no injuries were reported.
The two-story building is currently being used for additional storage of parts and included two vintage vehicles parked inside, said Melton.
Claremore firefighters remained on the scene after the initial flames were put out. 
Flames continued to flare on both floors of the building as extensive smoke damage stained the inside and outside.
It is unclear, at this time, how and where exactly the fire started, said Claremore Fire Marshal Jason Crandall. 
He said he would more than likely be investigating the premises for the remainder of the day to determine the cause.

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