Outgoing Rogers County Commissioner Randy Baldridge will stand trial in federal court in January, but that 2007 date has been moved out six more days.

Baldridge was originally given a Dec. 18 trial date followed by Jan. 16 date. Last week, Judge Terrance Kern again moved the trial date to 9:30 a.m., Monday, Jan. 22.

Baldridge faces eight federal charges, according to court documents, that involve conspiracy, money laundering and receiving money for services not provided, among others.

Earlier this month, the federal government asked Baldridge to accept a plea offer that would require him to plead guilty to one count in exchange for the dismissal of the remaining seven charges.

But Baldridge said he could not plead guilty to any of the charges stating, “I would have committed perjury if I would have pleaded guilty, because I’m not.” He added that if he had accepted the plea offer, he would have been required to spend at least one year in prison, and possibly more, up to 20 years.

Baldridge was arrested in August at the Rogers County Courthouse.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents seized documents from the District 3 warehouse in March and had continued their investigation with cooperating witnesses including two District 3 employees, Bruce Long and Cindy Rash. Long and Rash are still employed with the district.

Once the trial begins in January, Baldridge will no longer be seated as District 3 commissioner. He lost his bid for re-election to Kirt Thacker in the Nov. 7 general election by seven votes.

The incumbent commissioner’s call for a recount and investigation into possible election irregularities was heard in District Court.

There were not enough votes disqualified in the irregularities hearing to change the election results and an attempt for a recount was stymied when some ballot boxes were found to have missing and broken seals.