The Cherokee Nation Rules Committee, at their 1 p.m. Thursday meeting in Tahlequah, is expected to reconsider the possibility of holding an expedited election to change the tribal constitution and disallow Cherokee freedmen citizenship rights.

The meeting is at the Tribal Council House on south Muskogee Street.

Marilyn Vann, presdient of the Descendants of Freedmen Association, said, the proposed amendment if passed by the full Tribal Council would allow descendants of “adopted whites” to retain citizenship while removing African-Cherokee tribal members.

Vann said the adopted whites were listed by the Dawes Commission 100 years ago on a "cherokee by blood roll” while the African descendants were listed on “freedmen rolls” by the Dawes Commisssion.

If passed, the amendment could go before the full Council on Sept.11.

Vann believes the effort to expedite the election, if successful, could impact the scheduled June 2007 tribal elections for chief and deputy chief.

The council voted against having an expedited election at a June meeting.

Former Deputy Chief John Ketcher circulated a referendum petition calling for a special election to determine the citizenship rights of the freedman.

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