Descendants of Freedmen and their supporters are reaching out to current and prospective voters in anticipation of an initiative petition that will put their citizenship within the Cherokee Nation to a vote of the tribe’s membership.

On Saturday, Freedmen representatives will be at Claremore’s Bethel A.M.E. Church hosting an outreach education session on the topic.

Marilyn Vann, president of the Freedmen group and a proponent of Freedmen’s rights as Cherokee citizens, said the group will bring updates on efforts by Cherokee tribal leadership to terminate the membership rights of Freedmen Indians.

The afternoon session from 2 to 3 will also include information on the tribal enrollment process, tribal voting registration and tribal cultural opportunities which are now available to Freedmen enrollees due to a recent court decision.

The Freedmen association is a non profit corporation which fights for the political and economic rights of African Indian "freedmen" (descendants of mixed African Indians or descendants of former slaves) tribal members or descendants of "freedmen" tribal members who over the past 25 years faced discrimination pertaining to tribal enrollments and accessing federal and tribal assistance programs for Indian peoples.

For information, contact Vann at 405-818-5360 or other supporters, 405-949-2299 and 918-456-9559.