BEVERLY, Mass. — Forewarned is forearmed. And you better have four arms if you’re planning to fill your tank in Beverly.

The Jamco station on Cabot Street is selling Power Plus or Premium gas for the price of, yes, an arm or a leg, respectively.

“There’s nothing like good old American sarcasm to get the point across,” said driver Gary Casey as he pulled up to the posted prices, an ARM and 9/10ths or a LEG and 9/10ths — which nearly amounts to two arms and two legs.

“Finally,” another customer told attendant Matt Magee, “truth in advertising.”

“It was my idea,” Magee said.

He sells regular gas, but as prices climb, no more premium.

“I only get asked for it once or twice a day,” he said.

Meanwhile, Magee persuaded cousin and owner Bobby MacArthur to put up the handwritten sign instead of leaving the price blank. Drivers take solace in the humor.

Musician Karen DeBiasse of the band Girl on Top pulled up in a van with a wolf’s howl horn.

“What can you do?” she said. “You have to buy gas.”

DeBiasse and Casey absolve Jamco and point fingers at big oil companies.

“It’s all about control,” said DeBiasse, who holds to a theory that nature is creating plenty of oil all the time.

There’s no hurricane now, Casey said.

“You’re not telling me they can’t get these prices back down to pre-Katrina levels,” he said.

Regular gas, at $2.97, was still below the dreaded $3, Magee said — but probably not for long.

Alan Burke writes for The Salem (Mass.) News.