CLAREMORE -- As Rogers County residents brace for the forecasted icy weekend, area grocers are working around the clock to ensure customers have enough food to weather the oncoming ice storm.

“It’s been pretty crazy — very crazy,” said Darryl Martin, manager of Warehouse Market in Claremore. “Around noon yesterday, things really started getting busy — that was a real turning point as people started coming out in force to stock up for the weekend.”

Staples including milk, bread, and meats have been the fastest moving items, Martin said, while up the street, Reasor’s said manager Tod Fricke bottled water and canned goods were particularly popular items.

“Our business has probably tripled in the past 24 hours,” Fricke said. “I’ve been manager here (at Reasor’s on Will Rogers Boulevard) for three years and the past 24 hours have been the most ... hectic I’ve seen in that time. From about five o’clock to midnight last night was the most extreme I’ve ever seen it here, although we had people coming in throughout the night.”

Fricke said that the influx of shoppers bracing for the expected icy blast of the weekend prompted him calling in extra staff to assist customers.

Martin said employees at Warehouse Market stayed equally busy, checking out customers and running carts.

“I think there was a point where we had three people running carts at once, just so our shoppers would have a shopping cart to use — it was that busy, and we had lines this morning as soon as we opened,” he said.

Both grocers said they plan to stay open throughout the weekend, should any customers be willing to brave the potential icy roads.

“We’ve got a natural gas generator,” Fricke said, “so, even if the (electric) power goes out, we’ll have lights and power for our registers — we’ll be here.”