A Claremore woman accused of leaving her dog locked in her car last month has pleaded guilty.

Patricia Williams, 24, of Claremore, entered a plea of guilty on Monday to one count of cruelty to animals. Rogers County District Judge Joe Smith handed down an 18-month deferred sentence with a $500 fine. Williams was also ordered to complete 100 hours of community service with a humane society and will be placed on supervised probation.

Williams, and her fiancé Andrew Timothy Montag were inside the Rogers County Courthouse July 19 obtaining a marriage license when, according to reports, Rogers County Assistant District Attorney Patrick Abitbol noticed a dog inside a locked pickup truck near the district attorney’s office.

Rogers County Investigator Joe Garber said when he arrived, Abitbol was standing next to the truck driven by Williams and Montag, and he reported he had been standing there, “for about 15 minutes.”

The window on the driver’s door was cracked enough for Abitbol and other county employees to feed the 13-year-old dog ice chips, according to Garber’s report.

When Williams emerged from the courthouse, she was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals.

According to Abitbol, they gave the dog some water at his office, and the dog was then taken to The Ark, in Claremore, where it was examined and treated for heat stress. The dog was later released to a member of Williams’ family, Abitbol said.

Temperatures reached 103 degrees the afternoon of July 19, with a heat index of 106 degrees.

Williams posted a $2,000 bond the same day she was arrested, and since cruelty to animals is a felony, she faced up to five years in prison or one year in the county jail, and a $500 fine. In November, that fine will be raised to $5,000, according to state statutes.