What do you do with too many strays? That’s what the town of Inola wants to know.

Humane Society representative Cynthia Armstrong addressed members of the Inola City Council last week, offering advice for better keeping and maintaining animal ordinances in Inola.

Armstrong said she was pleased the town already had an Ordinance dealing with the animal issues, but suggested improvements.

She felt that the town needed to “re-visit” the nuisance animals, limit the animals that individuals are allowed to have, and have some sort of training for an animal control officer on duty.

The reason behind the disappearance of several area cats had brought concern over whether or not the cats had been dealt with humanely.

City Attorney Tommy Dyer agreed to look into providing necessary provisions for keeping the Ordinance with relation to animal regulations.

Also giving input was Zoi’s Animal Rescue representative Debbie Stellas, whose animal rescue group will assist low-income residents of Inola with a spay/neutering and vaccination program.

In other actions, Council members:

•Heard an update on Westside Estates improvements from Town Engineer Kenny Schwab, who will meet with Westside Estates owner Howard Childers to finalize details regarding the final plats.

Schwab also told Council members the Department of Environmental Quality issued a consent order to allow the City of Inola to pump wastewater into the Verdigris River. A letter will be sent to DEQ with a minor date change.

Sewer rates in Inola are expected to be increase to comply with the DEQ consent order on moving the sewage to the Verdigris River. A public forum will be scheduled to inform the public about details of the increase.

•Approved a contract between the Town of Inola and INCOG for the Community Development Block Grant Administrative Service Contract. INCOG representative Andy Armstrong was present for the approval of the contract.

•Accepted the resignations of Joe Kight and Gary Buscombe from the Inola Planning Commission, as both have moved outside Inola limits. Several seats on the Inola Planning Commission are still needing to be filled.

Council members expressed concern as to on whom the responsibility for assigning 911 addresses for properties within the city would fall.

The mayor said she would inquire with Inola Planning Commission Chairman Michael Martin.

•Approved Inola Police Dispatcher Beth Rumble to serve as Notary Public for the police department on a part-time basis.

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