What has happen

in one year:

City Manager Troy Powell was hired in December 2005. He immediately set to work to streamline city government with an emphasis on efficiency and accountability.

What happened:

•Savings totalling $2 million in cost of city operations.

•Reduced and realigned city departments and staffing; eliminated six departments and reduced staffing by about 70 positions.

•Reduced committees, boards and liasion positions from 29 to 16

Eliminated — City Judge Committee (now combined with City Attorney Committee), Water Study Committee, Blue Ribbon Committee, CIEDA liasion appointment, NEOKLA Utility Trust Authority, Cost Effectiveness Committee, Search Committee, Rogers County Mayors Ambulance group, Sanitation Committee, Will Rogers Recreation Area Commission, Tree Board, Parks Board;

Still on the books — Library Board, Police Review Board, Claremore EMS Services, Planning Commission (permanent city-county entity), Claremore CVB Bureau appointment, Board of Adjustment, Grand Gateway Board of Directors appointment, City Manager Committee, Rules Committee, City Attorney/Judge Committee, Finance Committee, Traffic Study Committee, Electric Reliability Committee and Sister City Liasion Committee.

•Two additional committees were formed — The Care More for Claremore Committee (volunteer participation/open to the public) and a Special Events Committee (not an event approval committee/a one-stop service group comprised of city employees who work with special events such as emergency services, city clerk and street departments).