A Claremore mother and father have been found guilty by a jury in connection with sexual abuse of their daughters.

Cody Grenemyer, 38, was found guilty of two counts of rape and two counts of lewd molestation.

The jury recommended two life sentences without parole on the rape charges and two 20-year sentences for the lewd molestation charges.

Jennifer Grenemyer, 40, received two life sentences with the possibility of parole for failing to protect her children from child abuse

The verdict was delivered around 9:45 p.m. Wednesday from a jury of seven men and five women who deliberated nearly three hours. Formal sentencing is set for Dec. 10.

On Tuesday, Cody Grenemyer denied he sexually abused his two biological daughters.

At one point, he admitted a medical condition that hampers his ability to have sex.

“I have a cyst on my testicle that causes problems and I’m in a lot of pain,” Cody Grenemyer said.

That was what defense attorney Dale Jackson got Cody Grenemyer to admit to the jury Tuesday, including the fact that he has had the cyst since 2004. Medical records from St. John Medical Center and the Rogers County Jail, where Cody Grenemyer has been housed for the last 574 days, were admitted into evidence for the jury to view during deliberation.

Testimony from the victims, as well as their older sisters Krystle and Ronelle White who are Jennifer Grenemyer’s daughters, alleged Cody Grenemyer had sexually abused all four girls and that their mother was aware.

This was not the first time Cody Grenemyer has faced allegations of sexual abuse.

According to testimony from several witnesses, including Cody Grenemyer himself, Krystle White had accused him of sexual abuse in Colorado in the late 1990s.

She again accused her step-father of sexual abuse in 2001 while the family was living in Mayes County. Both times allegations were made, the children were removed from the family’s home, only to be returned after some time.

No criminal charges were ever filed in the Colorado or Mayes County cases.

During his testimony, Cody Grenemyer added that he believes Krystle White is out to get him and concocted the story of alleged sexual abuse.

“I believe at some point she did plan this. Plan to send me to prison for the rest of my life and get the girls out of the house,” he said. “I gave them nothing but love from my heart and provided for them the best I can. I cannot accept responsibility for these accusations when nothing happened.”

Jennifer Grenemyer testified Wednesday afternoon that she also believed the girls concocted the story, led by Krystle, whom she said always wanted to live with her paternal grandparents.

During testimony, Jennifer Grenemyer said she gave her husband the benefit of the doubt and believed him, “his psychological evaluation,” and the former DHS and police investigations over Krystle.