Pat Lair wasn�t trying to stir up trouble, but he stirred up a few more votes during a ballot recount Wednesday in Rogers County.

But even with three more votes � one from each county � Lair still lost the race for State Representative District 6.

After the recount Wednesday, his opponent, and victor of the race, Wayland Smalley won by only two votes, 744-742.

Originally, after the July 25 primary election, only five votes separated the winner from the loser, prompting the application for a recount from Lair.

Lair says he wasn�t looking for any wrongdoing on the part of election officials, he just had that lingering question.

�Four months from now, I don�t want to be asking myself, �what if,�� he said last week. �I�d always have that question in my mind.�

He even prided both himself and Smalley for running a clean campaign, and pledged his full support to Smalley, �should this not change the outcome.�

The new voting results were as follows:

�Rogers County � Lair: 210; Smalley: 419

�Craig County � Lair: 359; Smalley: 184

�Mayes County � Lair: 173; Smalley: 141

�Total Votes � Lair: 742; Smalley: 744

Wednesday�s recount was only the second in Rogers County since 1992, with the last one being in 1992.

Smalley, a Republican, will face Democrat Chuck Hoskin for the District 6 seat in the November general election.

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