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PHOTO PROVIDED Rogers County and Claremore investigators uncovered items found in a meth lab in a sanitation vehicle yesterday morning, after being contacted that there was smoke coming from the truck. Owasso firemen and the 12th District Drug Task Force also assisted in the investigation.

Rogers County Sheriff’s officers were tipped off to a meth lab in the westernmost part of Rogers County on Monday.

An Owasso sanitation vehicle found smoke coming from its truck. According to Rogers County Sheriff’s Deputy Jerry Smittle, Marquez Trash Service called Rogers County dispatch Monday morning to investigate a trash truck “smoking” in the Country Brier addition in Owasso, shortly before 8 a.m.

Rogers County investigators arrived on scene and found the source of the smoke to be the remains of a methamphetamine lab, Smittle said.

“Our investigators spent six hours going through the contents of the trash truck, and found several items used in a meth lab, including 35 reaction vessels, 12 hydrochloride gas generators, needles, and empty boxes of Sudafed, and Coleman camp fuel,” he said.

Currently investigators are unaware as to the source of the lab, Smittle said.

Owasso Fire Department Station 3, the Claremore Police Department and the 12th District Drug Task Force also assisted in the operation.

Persons with any information regarding the possible source of the meth lab items uncovered yesterday are encouraged to contact the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at (918) 341-3620.