Over a year ago, Don and Jayme Hancock began exploring the idea of starting a driver’s education school in Rogers county. As they researched area driver’s education programs they discovered a need for a program that would allow new driver’s flexible scheduling options to accommodate their busy work and school schedules.

After much prayer and almost six months of training for Don, Safer Driving School began servicing their first customers earlier this year.

Safer Driving School is different from traditional driver’s education programs in public schools or parent taught programs.

Don said it is “convenience and personal attention with a certified driving instructor.”

“The primary concept behind Safer Driving School is to help instill in new drivers that they are at a higher risk not only to themselves but to their passengers and other drivers on the road.

We hope to teach them safe driving practices before they learn and develop poor driving habits,” Don said.

The course can be completed in as little as five days.

No more getting up at 7 a.m. adding to an already bussy extracurricular schedule.

“Our goal is to offer exceptional training with exceptional customer service for the students and their parents,” Don said.

Safer Driving School is certified by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety and may qualify for insurance reduction discounts. Don is also a certified Driver’s Education instructor.

“Often times students are more receptive to a certified driver’s education instructor than they are to their parent’s instruction. Teaching your children to play a sport or how to drive is difficult because they tend not to listen. You put a coach or an experienced instructor in your place and they respond much better. What we teach them now will stay with them every time they get behind the wheel.”

The Graduated Driver License law was strengthened in November. The law requires teens to apply for the graduated driver license, which restricts their driving time to the hours of 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., with exceptions for driving to work, school, church or related activities, or if a licensed driver is seated next to the teenager. The law also prevents teenage drivers from chauffeuring their friends around town, prohibiting teens with a restricted license from driving with multiple passengers younger than age 21 (other than family). Under the provisions of House Bill 1653, the driver’s license restrictions would be removed over a one-year period if a teenager maintains a clean driving record. It also states that no one under age 21 (except family members) is allowed in the vehicle. The law was put in to place because teenage drivers have the highest accident rate of any age group. During their first year of driving 25% of 16 year-olds either receive a ticket or are involved in a crash.

Safer Driving School’s program consists of 10 hours of classroom instruction which can be completed in one weekend and 6 hours of behind the wheel driving. The program is designed to complete the classroom time in two, 5 hour sessions and three, 2 hour driving sessions. The driving sessions are scheduled conveniently around the student’s schedule. “We will pick them up at home, school or work”.

The Hancocks live in Oologah and have two sons, Jayce and Wyatt.

For information, call 371-7670 or www.saferdrivingschool.com.