OWASSO–The self-proclaimed City Without Limits continues expansion and growth in Rogers County. Lake Valley and Stone Canyon subdivision development are among those on the Owasso city slate this month.

On Tuesday’s City Council agenda, the final plat of Lake Valley IV was approved upon the recommendation of the Owasso Planning Commission.

The phase IV plat proposes 114 residential lots on 23 acres located north of East 106th Street North and east of North 145th East Avenue.

All four phases of the Lake Valley residential development is on the Rogers County side of 145th Avenue, the border-line between Rogers and Tulsa counties.

In a separate issue concerning land development at the Sept. 8 meeting, the Owasso Planning Commission “voted unanimously to recommend the annexation of the undeveloped portion of Stone Canyon’s two northern sections” according to a memorandum from Community Development Director Eric Wiles to the Owasso City Council.

In total, Stone Canyon development covers 3,330.95 acres. Oct. 17, Rogers County approved the planned unit development (PUD) for the proposed neighborhood.

Drawn as a multi-use proposal including an elementary school, fire station, and various residential, commercial and recreational areas, Stone Canyon lies between North 161st East Avenue and North 193rd East Avenue on the south side of East 76th Street North. It runs south to State Highway 266 (East 46th Street North and Port Road).

The portion recommended for annexation is 990 acres along the north boundary of the project, excluding “45 acres owned by the rock quarry and the three subdivisions currently under development northwest of the intersection of East 66th Street North and North 193rd East Avenue,” according to Wiles.

Despite the recommendation by the Planning Commission, the annexation is not expected on the Owasso city agenda for consideration until Oct. 21. Wiles said the delay is due to a revision of city subdivision regulations.

“The changes that are being considered (in the subdivision regulations) would impact the type of developments that would be placed within the annexed area,” said Wiles. “For example, we are considering changes to Owasso’s subdivision regulations as they relate to streets and drainage in rural residential subdivisions that contains lots exceeding 24,000 square feel or just over one-half acre.”

Wiles said that none of Owasso’s current subdivisions have lots of that magnitude but that Stone Canyon development does and the City wants to deal with that issue. He said developers agree they want those issues codified before any portions of Stone Canyon are accepted for annexations.

“We feel it’s important to have the subdivision regulations considered before we annex a territory in which these types of subdivisions could be placed,” said Wiles.

A variety of land uses have been approved for Stone Canyon including: 2,656 acres of single-family residential, 60 acres of multi-family residential, 99 acres commercial, 459 acres of mining, 36 acres industrial, and 21 acres of open space.

Stone Canyon is served by Rogers County Rural Water District 3 and does not have sanitary sewer service at this time.

Owasso is considering “extending a 10” gravity interceptor to the western boundary of the Stone Canyon development,” for wastewater, Wiles reports. “The cost of such an extension is estimated to total $4.8 million, plus $358,000 for engineering and design. A payback in the amount of $1,300 per acre would be required for any existing or future developments to be connected with the sewerline. ”

Developers of Stone Canyon would extend the sewerline into the development.

The subdivision lies within the Limestone Fire Protection District, though an application to remove it from that district was denied last year by the Rogers County Commissioners. A new fire station has been built by Owasso near the area and eventually Owasso is likely to serve the area, but County Commissioners said removal from Limestone at the time of the request would have been premature.

“Three subdivisions within Stone Canyon (not included with the annexation recommendation) totaling 252 acres and 174 residential lots have been approved by Rogers County. All three of these additions are located northwest of the intersection of North 193rd East Avenue and East 66th Street North. These neighborhoods occupy the southeastern portion of the territory requested for annexation,” reports Wiles.

These include Settler’s Creek at Stone Canyon, 48 lots on 71 acres; Tanglewood at Stone Canyon, 74 lots on 93 acres; and Lakes at Stone Canyon, 52 lots on 88 acres.

“The three subdivisions currently under development within Stone Canyon do not meet municipal standards,” writes Wiles. “Therefore, the staff intends to recommend that the City of Owasso annex the northern two sections of Stone Canyon with the exception of the boundaries of the three subdivisions currently under construction, and that Stone Canyon PUD, as approved by Rogers County, be accepted as the allowed land use distribution pattern for the annexation.”

That the developing subdivisions were not accepted for annexation is not a reflection on the quality of the development according to Wiles.

“It’s a beautiful subdivision,” said Wiles. “But municipal standards are different than those of Rogers County. The infrastructure was built to county standards. There are instances where they don’t meet municipal standards. For example, we require three-way fire hydrants in the city. The three subdivisions going in now have two-way hydrants.”

Other issues are sanitary sewer, stormwater drainage, and the base material and asphalt going into the streets.

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