Keith Robert Sartin, 35, is wanted. The City of Chelsea has issued a warrant for his arrest on five oustanding traffic tickets dating back to 2002. He owes $1,035 in fines or he faces jail time.

But Sartin and hundreds of other people with outstanding warrants have an opportunity beginning tonight at 6 p.m. to either pay the warrants in full or make arrangements to pay the tickets and avoid possible arrest and days behind bars.

Wanda Pelletier, Chelsea city clerk, said the list includes 42 Claremore residents, and some from Tulsa. The majority of the tickets are from Chelsea.

Sartin is originally from Chelsea, but at one point listed a Tulsa address.

Regardless of where they live, city law officers are on the look out for those who have not paid up.

The list, which will be published in the Claremore Daily Progress in the coming weeks, totals more than $107,000 in unpaid traffic fines issued by the Chelsea Police Department.

In March, the city announced there was more than $101,000 in outstanding warrants for unpaid traffic fines. At that time, 268 people were on the list, and city officials gave those listed a chance to pay the ticket and avoid going to jail.

“We collected $1,200 last time,” Pelletier said at Monday’s Board of Trustees meeting. “Now we are taking more people to jail who have warrants.”

In fact, Tuesday evening, Chelsea Police officers will be going to Chelsea addresses on the list to attempt to arrest those who have outstanding warrants. And they are enlisting the help of Claremore Police Department and Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, according to Chief Kenny Kelsey.

If your name is on the list, being arrested can be avoided.

“If they want to come down to City Hall and pay, they don’t have to go to jail,” Pelletier said. “They can make arrangements to just pay half now and half later, and we won’t pull the warrant, but at least we’ll know they’re making an effort, and if they don’t pay the other half, the warrant is still there.”

Pay arrangements can also be made with the city judge during Chelsea’s night court, which is held the third Friday of every month. The next court date will be tonight beginning at 6 p.m.

Collecting these fines would benefit the City of Chelsea tremendously, according to officials.

After a treasurer’s report given at the Monday meeting, officials learned there is a mere $4,599.73 in the city’s general fund. The $101,000, if collected, would boost that fund and set the city’s finances in good standing.

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