In an ironic choice of date-setting, Claremore City Council members approved 9-11 as the date to put an election before voters on a sales tax that largely benefits the police and fire departments.

Council members unanimously approved Sept. 11, 2007, as the election date to renew the one cent tax.

“This is the first step in the continuation of the support of the penny sales tax used to support our police, fire, and parks departments,” City Attorney Randy Elliott told Council members. “This is the first step to extend that one penny sales tax for another five years, subject to a vote of the people.”

Forty percent of monies raised from the once percent excise tax benefit the City’s capital improvements, while 20 percent goes to the police, fire and parks department, each.

Elliott reminded Council members that the penny tax was not a new tax and would not be changed with regards to distribution of monies between emergency departments and the parks department of the City.

Council members approved the sales tax election date in a unanimous vote.