Rogers County District 12 Attorney Gene Haynes

... has been present for both days of the trial and has taken copious notes of the evidence presented. Asked whether his office would charge any of the alleged conspirators involved in the trial, Haynes replied, “That’ll be determined later after this trial and we see all the evidence. It’s clear the county is out some money.”

Baldridge supporters were also in the courtroom.

Rose Ann McCaw Ransom, Baldridge’s aunt: “He’s holding up good.”

Elmer and Elvera Pankratz of Inola: ... in attendance “to support Randy.” “They’ve already done enough damage,” said Elmer Pankratz. “They should have turned him loose. They’ve really run him down.”

Defense Attorney Kevin Adams: “We’re pleased with the progress of the trial.”

Lead prosecutor, U.S. Attorney Joseph Wilson: “No comment.”

Interested citizen Steve Hager: “He (Baldridge) did not represent our issues and our concern. We helped get him elected… he had issues out there that he pandered very politically for... issues that did not represent the concerns of his constituents out in the district.” Hager claims to be associated with a grassroots movement Truth and Justicefor All which is concerned with better government.

Current County Commissioner for District 3, Kirt Thacker: Thacker narrowly defeated Baldridge in last November’s election.

Asked why he was in attendance, Thacker replied, “I’m here to hear what the county employees testifying have to say.” He had been unable to attend the morning session due to the regular commissioners meeting. On whether employees implicated in the conspiracy would be allowed to continue working for Rogers County, Thacker said, “I’m going to give them the same luxury that Randy Baldridge is getting. Innocent until proven guilty.”