As of 8 a.m. this morning, 344 Claremore residents remained either without power or were unable to be reached by phone to learn of their home’s status, said Matt Mueller, Claremore assistant city manager.

“We started Monday out with 900 work orders and of the 600 left Tuesday morning, we were able to confirm 44 cases of people still without power because of service line issues — there are still 290 work orders out, either due to people being without power or us being unable to contact them by phone.

“Many of the initial work orders — close to half — had power back on, so it was a more productive use of our time to call first before sending workers out into the field to homes that already had power,” he said. “We’re isolating where the needs are.”

Mueller said the 94-man electric crews began working again this morning at 6 a.m. and will continue through the evening to either restore power or identify the problem.

“If there’s damage to a private system — such as the weather head or the electric meter — the home owner will still require the services of an electrician,” he said.

Although the initial 900 calls for service came from “all over” Claremore and its electric customers in the rural areas, Mueller said the southern and “older” parts of town were the hardest hit.

“The old townships with the overhead power lines and the older trees really took a hit,” he said. “The newer neighborhoods and parts of town with underground lines fared much better during the storm.”

Mueller said areas still with “clumps” of power outages are largely rural, including 74 residences along county roads needing to be assessed, as well as scattered several “state” streets, such as Kansas and Oklahoma.

Persons who may have not reported an outage at their residence should call 341-0456 during work hours or 341-1212 after hours.

Verdigris Valley Electric Cooperative

Sequoyah area - 80 percent of members should be on today with the remaining 20 percent on by Friday.

Tiawah area - 80 percent of members on. By the end of today, all should be on with scattered outages.

Nowata area - Parts of area still off today. 50 percent of members should be on by Thurs., Dec. 20 and all should be on by Fri., Dec. 21 with scattered outages.

Alluwe area - All members, except for scattered outages should be on by Thurs., Dec. 20.

Collinsville - Members should be on by the end of day, Wed., Dec. 19.

Owasso and Pine Street area - Should all be on Wed., Dec. 19.

Prue Substation - Still off, but substation will be heated up by GRDA today, Wed., Dec. 19 and all members should be on Fri., Dec. 21 except for scattered outages.

As of today - 600 contract workers, in addition to VVEC personnel.

“We are optimistic that all members will be on by the end of Fri., Dec. 21 with scattered outages,” reported Kathy Calico.


“Power has been restored to most Rogers County residents. We’re still working on north Tulsa and mid-town. There are just a very few isolated outages for individual customers outside of the Tulsa area,” said Stan Whiteford, PSO representative. He reported the following numbers for Rogers County communities:



Talala- 1


Foyil Acres-2