Verdigris Valley

Electric Cooperative

VVEC representative Kathy Calico said crews continue working heavily in the county area, but even more poles than thought are down throughout the five-county service area, the latest number being around 1,400.

Around 4,500 members, out of the Cooperative’s 24,000 membership are still using alternative energy sources, if available, to heat their homes.

“And, it’s snowing right now,” Calico said. “But, we are getting more crews in. Neighboring cooperatives who weren’t hit as hard are releasing their crews and coming in to help us.”

Calico said VVEC phone lines have been swamped throughout the week-long outage, but “be assured, we are answering them.”

“We have at least 20 people answering those phones all day long,” Calico said. People whose service is off and others around them are on, are encouraged to call in to the 371-2584.

“In some instances where a transformer is bad, the line goes on and the service goes on but there are pockets without service.

“The phone service is swamped, and we realize it is hard to get in. (The phone system) just can’t handle the calls that are coming in,” Calico said.

She said the VVEC Web site is also being updated.

“Our Web site was under construction, we were in the middle of doing a redesign when this happened,” Calico said. She said they have found that people who are able to access the Internet at work want the Internet access.

Calico said no estimated time frame is being given for power restoration.

AEP/Public Service Company

At Public Service Company, PSO spokesman Stan Whiteford said the 80 customers still without power in the Oologah-Talala area could expect to power up by 10 p.m. Saturday.

“Of course, it is all predicated on what the weather does,” Whiteford said.

In addition, around 800 customers in the Foyil and Inola area were expected to have electricity on by Saturday evening.

One of the hardest hit areas is Chelsea, and over 700 customers will have to wait until Sunday night to know whether or not they will have power. Around 500 customers in the overlapping Mayes County area of Adair are also on a Sunday evening restoration schedule.

Approximately 850 customers in the Catoosa area are scheduled for power restoration by Sunday evening.

Whiteford said roughly 64,000 overall are still without power in PSO’s service area. In the last few days crews have restored power to around 60,000-70,000 customers.

The Owasso area “still has quite a few outages.” Around 500 are on the north Garnett substation.

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