“Price is Right.”

“Bob for Judge.”

Sayings stamped on chocolates originally meant as campaign slogans for Bob Price. Instead, the commemorative candies were shared with colleagues and the public at his swearing-in ceremony Tuesday as Rogers County’s newly-appointed special district judge.

Judge Erin O’Quinn conducted the oath to Price Tuesday, adding his name to the list of judges on the 12th Judicial bench.

Price was recommended for the position by District Judge James Goodpaster. Price fills the post recently vacated by now Associate District Judge Sheila Condren.

Price told the crowd of fellow colleagues, friends and family that he was proud to be appointed and set a standard for his courtroom.

“I will base my decisions on what I hear in the courtroom, and that will be strictly followed,” Price said. “I think people should know when they come to court that they will get a fair hearing, and that will happen in my courtroom.”

Price, who has a private practice law firm in Claremore, has served Rogers, Craig, Mayes and Nowata counties as a public defender through the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System. He also held a previous judgeship in southeastern Oklahoma.

Goodpaster, who recommended Price, praised the seasoned attorney.

“We are fortunate today to have Bob Price take the bench here,” Goodpaster said. “He has experience on the state and municipal levels, and has been on both sides of the table as a prosecutor and a defense attorney.”

Price thanked and introduced the members of his large family, including his wife Donna.

Price was “humbled” by the appointment made by the district judges, saying, “It’s important that you understand that I consider it’s more required than what is stated in the oath.”

With the District bearing the weight of a large caseload, Price said he hopes his appointment will lessen the load, and that hearings will be held in a more timely manner.

Price is a graduate of Moore High School and the University of Oklahoma. He graduated law school in 1973 he has held positions as assistant district attorney, municipal judge of Inola and other communities, associate district judge and district judge in southeastern Oklahoma.

While he practiced in Claremore for more than 20 years, he also served in other areas previously. He was selected as County Bar President and delegate to the Oklahoma Bar Convention in Leflore, Atoka, and Rogers County and licensed to practice law in the Eastern and Northern District of the Federal District Court. He is a previous winner of the Tri-County CASA Attorney of the Year Award.

As a special district judge, Price will be assigned to the Rogers County court, but will serve also in Mayes and Craig Counties at the discretion of the district judges.