With only five votes affecting the outcome of the state’s District 6 seat, one Republican candidate has called for a recount.

Pat Lair was defeated by Wayland Smalley in Tuesday’s primary election for the State Representative District 6 Republican nomination.

Now the Vinita resident is calling for a recount.

“I’m not looking for any fraud by the election board or the polling places,” Lair said. “It was a very clean race and Wayland Smalley conducted a very clean campaign. As far as we’re concerned, we did too.

“I don’t think anybody at the election board or the polling places did anything wrong. But there is that possibility of human error or distorted ballots.”

Smalley, a Chelsea resident, narrowly beat Lair by .34 percent, which equals out to only five votes. Smalley received 50.17 percent of the votes, making him the winner by receiving the required 50 percent plus one vote.

Each county’s votes were as follows:

•Rogers County — Lair: 209; Smalley: 419

•Craig County — Lair: 358; Smalley: 184

•Mayes County — Lair: 172; Smalley: 141

•Total Votes — Lair: 739; Smalley: 744

Lair said he asked for the recount at the encouragement of his supporters. He added that he didn’t want to look back and wish the recount would have been conducted.

“Four months from now, I don’t want to be asking myself, ‘what if’,” he said. “I’d always have that question in my mind.”

All absentee ballots and all ballots cast from Rogers, Mayes and Craig counties will be recounted now by the State Election Board on Wednesday. In Rogers and Mayes counties, the recount will be held at 9:30 a.m., with a 9 a.m. recount in Craig County, according to the State Election Board officials.

The ballots will be counted manually.

Although Lair said recounts seldom change the outcome of elections, he is holding out hope.

“Craig County had a recount for a county commissioner race some years ago because the winner had won by two votes,” he said. “But after the recount, the winner won by five votes, so he gained three votes. So there is a possibility of a mistake.”

If Tuesday’s election results still stand after the recount, Lair said he will be satisfied and lend support.

“Should this not change the outcome, so be it,” he said. “Wayland Smalley will have my undivided support. I will do whatever I can to support him. That’s the Pat Lair way of doing things.”

Smalley was unavailable for comment as of presstime.