Students, faculty, and friends of Claremore Public Schools gathered yesterday afternoon to give principal Lou Robertson a Westside Elementary send-off to Washington D.C.

Robertson, selected as the Oklahoma Principal of the Year, left Wednesday morning to represent the state and be honored at a meeting of the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP).

But students and faculty gave Robertson something to remember Oklahoma by, with an assembly in her honor.

“Mrs. R has earned a great honor in being named the Oklahoma Principal of the Year,” said Michael McClaren, Claremore Public Schools superintendent. “We know she’ll represent Oklahoma, and Westside well while she’s in Washington D.C. We’re very proud of her.”

Banners proclaiming “Character,” “Integrity,” and “Morality,” among others were held by Westside students, as the assemblage sang to Robertson, declaring her their “Champion.”

Prior to Robertson taking the stage, Westside Vice-Principal Steven Jones read a letter of commendation from Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry, congratulating Robertson on being selected to represent the state.

“I am so humbled by you and to have been chosen to show other principals in the United States how great you are,” said Robertson. “I wish you all could go with me — thank you so much.”

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