Orville Baker and his wife had forgotten their camera when they attended a VIP luncheon at Cherokee Casino June 2 to meet Mikey Teutul and Vinnie DiMartino from the famed hit television series American Chopper.

"I really wanted some pictures of those guys," Baker said at the event.

A few hours later, not having a camera was the furthest thing from his mind.

At the end of the day, Baker, who has never put money into a slot machine, was the proud owner of the famed Cherokee Chopper, which is one of two Cherokee-themed motor machines manufactured by Orange County Choppers.

Baker was called up on stage when the giveaway of the Cherokee Chopper began, and was the first to draw one of 10 keys out of the bag. When he turned the key, the now famous chopper rumbled, much to his surprise.

Baker believes his lucky number is 1.

"When they picked the 200 people for the lunch, I was number one," he said. "Then I was number one when they called for the 10 people to draw the key. I was number one to draw a key too. And I was going to jumble up the keys in the bag, but something told me not to. And I reached in there and felt a key off to the side, so I grabbed it.

"I put the key in there and it started right up. I believe that number one had something to do with it!"

Baker, who celebrated his 87th birthday June 8, didn't immediately drive the custom built motorcycle away though. He says he didn't want anything to happen to it before insuring it. He also says he hasn't drove it much since taking possession of it.

"I really don't want to put any miles on it,"

Baker said.

The chopper itself is a work of art, taking four OCC employees and 188 hours to build, and three days for a custom paint job. There are 500 pieces on the chopper, including arrowhead and feather draped fenders, the Cherokee Casino logo, and many more fine details that make it unique. The chopper even bears the signatures of Vinnie and Mikey, who gladly signed it following the giveaway.

Baker said he plans to sell the motorcycle, but has welcomed the opportunity to be the proud owner if only for a little while.