Jennifer Wallace came farther than most would to go to a football game — 2,000 miles farther, in fact.

The Claremore High School alumnus was in town this weekend for the homecoming parade, football game and other festivities after getting off the plane from Texas.

After first getting off the plane from Puerto Rico.

“When we landed in Dallas, they announced then that we’d flown 1,900 nautical miles,” said Wallace, formerly Jennifer Harder. “It’s pretty safe to say that in all, we traveled 2,000 miles or more to get here.”

A 1981 graduate, Wallace said she and husband, Tony had moved to Puerto Rico two months ago with his job at Praxair.

“Before we were in Puerto Rico, we had been living in Houston, Texas, and before that ... well, all over the country, really,” she said.

Although she will only be in Claremore — and the country — for the weekend, Wallace said she always enjoys coming home.

“It’s always great to come back to town and see what’s changed and what’s still the same,” she said. “Claremore’s a wonderful town to have come from.”

Wallace is the daughter of John and Lynn Kay Harder of Claremore, both of whom are also Claremore High School graduates. She and Tony have two children, Daniel, 16, and Katie, 13.

Claremore Alumni Association luncheon facts:

•Oldest returning graduate: Steve Helm, class of 1939

•Youngest returning graduate: Janet Brantley-Rodil, class of 1986

•Furthest distance traveled: Scott Bickford, class of 1981, from Bagdad; runner-up: Jennifer Harder Wallace, class of 1981 (numerous returning alumni traveled from Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and surrounding states)

•Scholarships given: Three $500 scholarships awarded from Claremore Alumni Association; two $500 scholarships awarded from the class of 1981; a $500 scholarship awarded from the class of 1956; and a $500 scholarship awarded from the class of 76

(Provided by Dave Burrows)

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