Daryl Golbek’s crew is taking a break today from scraping streets and clearing driveways — because they have to.

Golbek, City director of public infrastructure, said they have worn out every plowing blade they have and are in the process of regrouping.

This is his first time to be in charge during a major weather storm.

“I’ve just finished the last page of a policy that I’m going to give to [the city manager],” Golbek said. Apparently the street department has not had a written policy or strategy for dealing with major snow and ice storms for some time.

He said his department employees have fielded hundreds of complaints from citizens during the last few days.

“When it first happen, we went out and spread,” Golbek said. Then, department crews who have been working round the clock, made sure routes for emergency workers such as the fire, police, ambulance and hospital services would be accessible.

And since then, Golbek said they have been working on secondary streets and attempting to respond to residential street calls as possible.

“But, it’s not very efficient when you’ve got your backhoe on one side of town clearing out a driveway and then you get a call and have to go all the way across town to another location,” Golbek said.

Golbek said hopefully the new weather policy for street clearing operations will be in place before the next major storm arrives. He hopes to let the public know what to expect.

City Manager Troy Powell confirmed the move to adopt a written policy for clearing streets and roadways. He said emphasis will be placed on clearing the major thoroughfares first and then the secondary streets before moving into the residential sections, unless there is an emergency.

Powell said the city is also looking at the types of spreading materials used on the street and new plowing equipment.