Testimony began Wednesday in the trial of a Claremore couple where the father is accused of molesting his natural daughters and their mother accused of not protecting them.

Cody Grenemyer, 38, is facing two charges of first-degree rape and two charges of lewd molestation in connection with the alleged incidents that occurred between 2006 and 2007. The victims are now 15- and 13-years-old.

Jennifer Grenemyer, 40, is charged with failure to protect from sexual abuse. Prosecutors allege Jennifer Grenemyer knew of previous allegations of sexual abuse against her husband and allowed her children to live in the same house as Cody Grenemyer.

Opening statements were made by Assistant District Attorney Patrick Abitbol and defense attorneys Dale Jackson representing Cody and Ben Sherrer representing Jennifer.

According to Abitbol, previous allegations of sexual abuse to the victims as well as Jennifer Grenemyer’s two daughters from a previous marriage followed the couple from Colorado to Mayes County to Rogers County.

Allegations were made in Colorado concerning sexual abuse and the three girls the couple had at the time, including Jennifer’s daughters, were taken into custody by child welfare, only to be returned after no charges were filed, Abitbol stated.

Additional allegations were made when the couple moved their family to Pryor. Once again, according to Abitbol, the children — now four daughters — were taken into protective custody only to be returned after no charges were filed.

Now facing the current criminal charges, Jennifer’s two daughters are grown and live on their own, but the couple’s two daughters were adopted after Cody and Jennifer’s parental rights were terminated, Abitbol said.

The allegations state that Cody had sexual intercourse with his eldest daughter, who was 13 at the time, and that he molested his youngest daughter, who was 11-years-old at the time.