Residents of The Evergreens subdivision of Claremore will be getting a utility upgrade of sorts, with Monday night’s approval to accept certain private waterlines as public by members of the Claremore City Council.

“Currently, The Evergreens is served by a private water distribution system,” City Manager Troy Powell said. “Although this (private) system is connected to the City of Claremore’s water distribution system, the original system was design as a private one, as it didn’t meet the minimum requirements of the city.”

Powell said primary concerns were The Evergreens being a congested site with narrow easements and a number of obstructions over the easements, which included patios and parking facilities.

“(The Evergreens) residents have formed a homeowners association, requesting we accept the private water system as public facilities, thereby, accepting the responsibility of future maintenance,” he said. “The advantage to passing (the resolution) would be increased safety of the residents and the citizens in the immediate area, and increased security to the city’s water distribution system.”

Council members approved the resolution in a unanimous vote.

The Evergreens gated development consists of 36 patio home units, having an operational water system, with the exception of a fire hydrant, to be repaired with the acceptance of The Evergreens’ private waterlines as public.

In other actions, council members:

•Adopted an ordinance to declare a Neopost SI72 Folder/Inster Mailer Machine as surplus property and allow the sale thereof.

•received a donation from members of the Rainbow Girls organization who presented a check in the amount of $276 to the city to be used to benefit the Claremore Animal Shelter.

•approved the appointment of Carole Burrage to the Will Rogers Library Board to complete the unexpired five-year term of Leslie Cohen to May 2013.

•approved the appointment of Brant Shallenburger as City of Claremore representative to the INCOG Board of Directors, two-year term, to January 2011

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