No hail, nor sleet, nor snow can stop the Gridiron gang. Back for another year of Claremore goofs, shenanigans and follies, this fearless crew has been meeting to rehearse the 2006 installment of the annual Gridiron titled “Somewhere Over The Railroad.”

All are invited to come and enjoy a full production of comedy, music and community reflection for the past year. Important questions will be answered like who saved face in the senate race, what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa, and will Claremore be renamed “Construction Junction.”

“Each year is so different,” said Seana Murray, writer and director for the show. “But this year we have a great new addition — a professional bluegrass band. They are putting a new twist on some famous Broadway tunes. You will love it.”

The show is made up of a scenes and sketches reenacting the top stories of 2006. Original lyrics have been joined to favorite songs to entertain the crowd.

“We will visit Harvard on the Hill, City Hall and Claremore High School,” said Dave Burrows, longtime writer and director for the Gridiron. “And many of Claremore’s area business will make an appearance in the show this year. It will be a good time for the whole family.”

The railroads and complications deriving from the railroads is again grist for the Gridiron mill this year. If you’re fed up with the traffic, you will love to come and sympathize with the rest of the crowd at this year’s production.

Leave home early to sit through a train or two and join the Gridiron gang on Friday night, Jan. 26, at 7 p.m. at the Claremore Community Center. The price of admission is $12 per person and includes the show, dessert and coffee.

Saturday night’s performance is part of the Chamber of Commerce Banquet. Cost for Saturday is $30. Tickets to either show are now on sale at the Chamber of Commerce. Call 341-2818 for reservations.