For seventh-grader Heidi Braucher, having school spirit runs in the family.

A student at Will Rogers Junior High School, the 13-year-old Braucher is a junior high cheerleader.

Her mother, Heather Braucher, is a teacher at the junior high, as well as her cheerleading coach and sponsor.

But the family connection goes back another generation to Heidi’s grandmother and Heather’s mother, Joy Maynard, junior high band director and Will Rogers Junior High Football Pep Band sponsor — three generations of women sharing junior high football spirit.

At any given home game of the Will Rogers Junior High Colts, spectators watched Heidi on the field, Heather coaching from the sidelines, and Joy leading the band.

“Heather and I get along very well, not just as mother/daughter, but as educators as well,” said Maynard, longtime junior high band director. “And it was nice when (granddaughter) Heidi came to the junior high — although it’s hard for me to believe she’s already 13 years old. I just can’t believe it.”

“Mom and I have never had a problem relating to each other as co-workers,” said Heather, seventh grade Geography teacher and junior high cheerleader sponsor. “I’ve taught (at the junior high) for five years and there might be two or three days where we don’t even see each other — she’s in a different part of the building than I am — but knowing she’s so close is a good feeling.”

Heather said that, although her mother was a teacher at the junior high, it was the school system more than the family connection that drew her to the area.

“Claremore’s got an incredible public school system, and it’s a wonderful place to raise a family,” she said. “The fact that I’m teaching at the same school where my mom is at is just an added bonus — I do love being around her, though — she’s a wonderful woman and a great role model.”

While the three were seen often at the junior high football games, it’s rare that they spend much time together.

“Heidi’s usually on the field the whole time — she really works hard at being a good cheerleader — and mom spends most of her time at the games with the band, so we see each other, but don’t get much chance to actually talk at the games,” Heather said.

So, will the Maynard/Braucher women stick around to see the next generation come to the junior high?

“That would be nice, I’ll probably be here for a while,” Heather said, “and like I’ve said, Claremore has an excellent school system.”

“I don’t think so,” Maynard laughed. “I think I’ll be retired a long time before that happens.”

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