The Rogers County Election Board has settled comfortably into new headquarters on First Street and will now be putting the finishing touches on the new facility.

A top priority is wheelchair accessibility.

“We’ve been in contact with an advisor on implementing accessibility guidelines,” said Terri Thomas, Election Board Secretary.

District 3 County Commissioner Kirt Thacker said he has received feedback from constituents regarding accessibility. Claremore is within District 3.

Gregory Stone, a long-time Claremore resident, visited the new Election Board site on Monday to look over the area and discuss the matter with Thomas and Thacker. He pointed out that an existing ramped sidewalk at the west end of the building is too steep to ascend safely.

“We have been talking about having a concrete ramp put in,” said Thomas. She said that ramp will be poured this week according to Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

Designated handicap parking will also be a necessity.

Much work has already been accomplished on the remodeled facility. Storage shelves were built, floors cleaned and painted, and the reception area set up. Voters have been served at the new location for the past month.

“People keep asking if we got new furniture,” said Thomas. “There’s no new furniture. You can just see it now.”

Former quarters were cramped. Square footage is nearly double in the new location.

“The outside dimensions of the current building were quoted to be 4,750 square feet,” said Thomas. “My calculations of the previous building and storage buildings came to approximately 2,400 square feet.”

County employees and jail inmates provided labor for the move and remodeling. Scrap wood and other supplies were recycled.

Thomas said the free labor and reuse of materials has helped keep remodeling costs to a minimum.

“We’ve utilized every piece of wood,” said Thomas. “The old peg board that was here has even been utilized.”

A county employee oversaw jail trustees who did most of the labor in moving.

“I want to give credit to Commissioner DeLozier and Commissioner Thacker for all their help,” said Thomas. “Commissioner DeLozier sent a truck and a trailer to assist us in moving.”

Thacker sent men to help with remodeling and a D3 employee will pour the concrete ramp.

“The commissioners’ cooperation has been invaluable,” said Thomas. “We appreciate them very much.”

Thomas said the jail trustees were very resourceful in finding ways to recycle materials. Total building expenses to date are $27,268 including heat and air at $9,950; electrical $5,172; plumbing $1,710; carpet $4,669; $5,767 was spent for lumber, sheetrock, insulation, doors and door knobs, paint, texturing supplies, exit signs, light bulbs, floor covering for bathroom and miscellaneous other supplies.

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