Sheriff’s deputies are preparing to travel to Alaska to retrieve a wanted woman who has been ordered back to prison by an appeals court.

According to Claremore Investigator John Singer, convicted embezzler Cynthia Izon is being detained in Alaska on an outstanding warrant issued by Rogers County District Court.

Izon was convicted of one count of embezzlement in 2006, an offense that prosecutors said occurred during her tenure as an officer with the Barbie Doll Club. At the time of her conviction, she was sentenced to 40 years in prison with 25 suspended. In October, after requesting a judicial review, which must be conducted within 12 months of a sentencing, Judge Dwayne Steidley modified Izon’s sentence to 10 years with nine years suspended and credit for the year she had already served in prison.

The warrant was issued Jan. 16, after the Oklahoma Criminal Court of Appeals ruled Steidley’s sentence modification was null and void because it was ordered after the 12-month time period.

However, the appeals court agreed that the maximum sentence allowed by law should not have exceeded 10 years.

Singer said he has knowledge that Izon has been apprehended in Alaska because he spoke with marshals who arrested her.

“Originally, she was going to fight the extradition, but then she decided not to,” Singer said. A waiver of extradition — meaning she wouldn’t fight being brought back to Oklahoma — was signed by Izon Jan. 25 and filed in the Rogers County Court Clerk’s office Feb. 1.

Rogers County Undersheriff Barry Lamb said his office has been contacted to transport Izon back to Rogers County, but a date for transport has not been set.

“We are going to go get her, but we don’t know when yet,” Lamb said Friday.

Lamb said two deputies would have to fly to Alaska — a 12-13 hour flight — then spend a day there getting things in order before flying back with Izon.

Izon sentence includes a $500 fine and an order to pay $81,000 in restitution.

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