­­Man accused of violently shaking his six-week old baby, squeezing head

Blake Andrew Hatley

Rogers County Sheriff's Office officials took a man into custody Monday after investigating an alleged complaint of child abuse of a six-week-old baby that reportedly happened over the weekend.

Blake Andrew Hatley, 34, of Collinsville in Rogers County, was arrested after the alleged Saturday incident.

According to a RCSO affidavit, Hatley simultaneously squeezed the baby's head with his right hand, shaking the baby “quickly and violently”, and yelling at the baby to “STOP.”

The violent act caused a hematoma and bruising on the left side of the baby's forehead, the report indicated. Further information on the baby’s condition is not yet available.

Hatley was booked into the Amos G. Ward Detention Facility and his bond has yet to be determined.

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