Michael Jensen

A 12-year old juvenile doused himself in lighter fluid and set himself on fire, reportedly on the advice of an Inola man who was arrested Wednesday.

Rogers County Sheriff's Office said Michael Jensen was arrested after he reportedly gave a juvenile relative advice on how to kill himself.

A RCSO report says the juvenile had previously attempted suicide—in one instance by placing a plastic bag over his head and attempting to suffocate himself.

Family members, they report, were able to rip a hole in the bag and get it off his head.

"Michael entered [the juvenile's] bedroom and told [the juvenile] that suffocating himself will not work because if he does that medical professionals will be able to keep him alive," according to RCSO. "Michael told [the juvenile] that if he wants to be successful in killing himself that he needs to set himself on fire then shoot himself in the head at the same time. [The juvenile] then ran to get camper lighter fluid and soaked his shirt then set himself on fire with a lighter."

Another family member was reportedly able to get to the juvenile to put the fire out.

Jensen reportedly left the residence after speaking with the juvenile but was later arrested.

More information will be added as it becomes available.

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