Witnesses told law enforcement Wesley Burkhead entered a bar saying he was coming back with a shotgun to kill everyone inside.

This is according to the probable cause affidavit file in Rogers County District Court, which states Burkhead, of Big Cabin, is facing felony counts of threatening to perform an act of violence and possession of a firearm after former felony conviction.

Records show Cpl. Tucker, of the Rogers County Sheriff's Office,

was dispatched to Chelsea in reference to a threat. On scene, Tucker said he was advised by three individuals that Burkead was at Shad's Bar when the alleged threat was made.

Burkhead was said to be at a nearby bar, Hilltop, about a mile from Shad's when law enforcement arrived.

Cpl. Tucker reached the bar and found a man next to a car, leaning in reaching for something.

"I started giving commands to show me his hands and face me. When he turned around, I observed a pistol shoved in his waistband," Tucker reports in the affidavit.

"I called out the name Wesley, and the man said 'I'm not Wesley.’”

The man said he was trying to remove the gun from Wesley's truck so he wouldn't get in trouble.

The man, and Burkhead, both confirmed that the truck and firearm belonged to Wesley, according to the affidavit.

Bond was originally set at $300,000 and he was ordered to have no contact with any of the alleged victims in the case.

A condition of bond is that Burkhead cover the expense of a GPS ankle monitor upon release.