Man arrested with $43k in drug proceeds


Drug proceeds hidden throughout a vehicle resulted in a felony arrest in Rogers County.

Deputy Ronald Walker of Rogers County Sheriff's Office reports seeing a vehicle merge onto Highway 412 without using a turn signal. The vehicle then drifted out of their lane, straddling the white line, Walker reports.

Walker stopped the vehicle.

The driver Seng Seng Thao was reportedly shaking and fidgeting when the deputy asked for identification and the rental agreement for the vehicle he said his brother rented for him, according to RCSO records.

"I asked him if he would look for the rental agreement and he opened the glove compartment, paused, grabbed a plastic bag out of it and tried to shove it under the passenger seat," Walker reported. "The bag tore open revealing numerous rubber banded bundles of U.S. currency."

Thao reportedly told the deputy he was on his way to Tulsa from Adair.

"He stated he was visiting his uncle for the last four days in Adair," Walker said. "He repeated each question I asked him and paused before answering, as if he was trying to make up his answers."

Thao said he had over $10,000 that his uncle had given him, but that he was unsure of exactly how much, according to Walker.

During this time Officer Thomas with Verdigris Police Department arrived on scene with his K9, Kilo.

Kilo did an exterior screen of the vehicle and alerted to the odor of narcotics in the vehicle.

Deputy Walker said the following search of the vehicle yielded:

•Five bundles of currency in the trunk inside a plastic bag containing meat, totaling $24,000

•A bundle containing $3,250 in the center console

•Two jackets in the trunk of the vehicle with $4,000 in the pockets

The total amount of cash seized, Walker reported, was $43,595.

Walker said the money was "packaged and concealed in a manner consistent with the drug trafficking trade."

Thao was arrested and is facing a felony count of acquiring proceeds from drug activity. Thao's bond was set at $10,000.

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