You might not know it to look at her, but Billie Stephenson is a warrior — a prayer warrior.

For the past 45 yeas, the Marlow, Okla. woman has been praying for the family of a Rogers County family that she’s never even met.

Her bracelet belies her prayers.

“This (bracelet) has the name of Martin Scott, who went missing more than 50 years ago,” Stephenson said. “I’ve been praying for him — for his return, his coming home, and today is evidence of those prayers being answered.”

Stephenson was among those present Friday afternoon in Claremore to honor Col. Scott — an MIA whose remains were identified via DNA analysis, and returned to Claremore last week for burial Friday in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Although she’s never met Scott or any of his family, she’s worn a bracelet bearing his name and been praying for the family for the better part of nearly five decades.

“I got this (bracelet) when my husband was stationed in Germany in the winter of 1971,” she explained. “Like I said, I never met Mr. Scott, I’ve never met his family, but this was a prayer bracelet which I’ve had since then which, and would remind me, always remind me, to pray for the Scotts, if not for his return because when I got it, he was a POW/MIA, then for closure for the family.

“Today, they’re getting that closure,” she said, “and I’m just grateful that God let me live long enough to see this day, to see the family get the closure they’ve needed for so long.”

Stephenson said she planned to give the bracelet to Col. Scott’s family members before her return to Marlow.

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