A man described as having a mentor-like relationship with juvenile boys has been arrested on felony lewd molestation charges this week in Claremore.

John Bucklin, 67, Collinsville, is facing two counts of lewd molestation following an investigation that began earlier this year.

Claremore Police Department records show officers learned of an alleged instance of lewd molestation involving a 13-year old juvenile male at a Claremore swimming pool.

“[The juvenile] had no positive male role model in his life until he met a man loosely associated with a church in Claremore. [The juvenile] began a mentor-like relationship with a man for a short period of time. That man introduced him to John Bucklin,” according to CPD.

Investigators report learning that Bucklin began spending time with the juvenile because the other man was not able to anymore.

Bucklin “took him on outings such as church breakfasts, hiking and swimming,” CPD reports, adding that Bucklin reportedly purchased gifts for the juvenile.

The juvenile told law enforcement he does not feel safe when he is with Bucklin, that he “touched him” but that he “was scared to say anything about it,” according to CPD.

The juvenile is quoted in saying he went places with Bucklin because he “was afraid of what he would do to me if I told on him.”

Records show the juvenile detailed multiple sexual encounters with Bucklin. Another alleged victim, an eight-year old male, details similar experiences including those at the pool.

Investigator John Singer said Bucklin gained access to the alleged victims by serving as an informal mentor to them through his church.

According to CPD,Bucklin is facing two felony charges in Rogers County but is also part of an ongoing investigation in Tulsa County.

Bucklin’s bond in Rogers County was set at $50,000.