Jana Clem

A four-year old child left unattended prompted the response of Claremore Police Department.

In the reports filed in the case, CPD Officer Nate Reed said he was dispatched to Frederick and Elk Street in reference to a four-year-old child who was allegedly left unattended.

On scene, the child reportedly told Reed he lived in Chapel Ridge Apartments and that he was "looking for his friends."

"The child was transported to the apartment complex and showed me where he lived," Reed said. "Upon arrival at the apartment, a female, identified as Jana Clem, was woken up in her recliner when we walked through the door."

Clem reportedly told the officer she was the juvenile's mother.

"While speaking to Jana I noticed she was very lethargic and spoke with slurred speech," Reed reported. "I asked Jana if she was on any medication and she advised that she had taken: one 10 milligram Percocet, one 30 milligram Morphine, one 50 milligram Doxepin, one 10 milligram Baclofen, one 10 milligram Oxycodone, one 75 milligram Lyrica and one Clonazapam."

Clem did provide medication bottles that were prescribed to her, according to the report.

Reed noted that Clem was swaying back-and-forth while he spoke with her.

"I asked Jana what time the juvenile left the residence and she advised that she did not know. She advised that he was watching T.V. when she went to sleep and she forgot to lock the door," Reed reported.

Clem was placed under arrest and taken to Rogers County Jail where she is facing possible felony child endangerment charges.

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