When it comes to pets in the Rogers County Courthouse, the commissioner said there's no real policy in place.

With national news of peacocks being claimed as emotional support animals, and locally the presence of a kangaroo in the county courthouse—they think now is the time to make a policy.

"It was brought to my attention that there is no policy in place. We do have pets in the building and we need to make sure we have a policy in place that covers why they're here," said Commissioner Ron Burrows, who added service dogs for the visually impaired are not the problem.

"If they have the certification to meet that requirement, like Jersey, the court dog, that's fine. The other pets that have been seen in the building, I'm not so sure," he said.

"The airline industries had to re-visit their policy because people are bringing in peacocks and iguanas and saying they're service animals," said Commissioner Steve Hendrix.

Burrows said the issue pertains more to courthouse employees than the general public—though one member of the public did bring in a kangaroo.

"We just have nothing in place right now. I've been doing some research with other counties and haven't come up with anything other counties have as well. They don't have as many pets in the building s we do so it hasn't crossed their radar," he said. "I'll work on a policy that will say something like, if there's an animal that's needed for a person with anxiety, as an employee, or departments that office out of the courthouse, that the pet is required to be certified and meets all the requirements and the employee has to have a doctor's note saying they need that. So it won't be so loosey goosey."

The policy will created and voted on at a later meeting.