Strategic Plan

A year-long engagement with the community, teachers and school administrators in the Oologah-Talala School District resulted in a five-year plan that is stakeholder and data driven.

O-T Superintendent Max Tanner said the 2017-2022 Continuous Strategic Plan - in collaboration with K20 Center (University of Oklahoma) - included many meetings and information gathering for all four schools in the district.

The plan concentrates on areas related to classroom use and instruction, professional development, budgets and more to provide the framework and foundation for each of its schools.

Additionally, it includes an overall expectation of each student to ensure students meet the educational standards for graduation and college-bound students.

The 50-page plan includes current data and projections in various goal areas.

One of the areas focuses on student engagement and achievement with the objective to increase academic performance.

By year 2022 the plan looks to achieve a significant increase in several performance areas (out of 61 performance measures) such as:

•Seventh-grade Individualized Education Program (IEP) students will score proficient or higher on the state Math test potentially scoring 42 percent higher than the current 13 percent baseline.

•One hundred percent of all seniors will be enrolled in concurrent enrollment, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, career tech, or a post high school pathway, like on-the-job training or job shadowing, with a projection of 41 percent more students.

•Thirty-three percent of AP students taking one or more AP exams will score a three or higher, bringing the overall percentage to 50 percent.

•One hundred percent of all students will be involved in at least one club or extracurricular activity/organization or community sponsored, raising the current percentage by 30 percent.

The instructional objectives noted in the plan were to integrate technology; develop quality staff; maintain financial resources; and timeline projected benchmark performance measures.

One of the action steps for the integration of technology is to create a three-year technology, resulting in all four O-T school sites to have a full-time technology employee and one district technology director.

Another initiative target is to develop students “to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, problem solvers, attain basic skills and be strong leaders.”

The district will focus on the bond initiative by forming a bond committee to see what the building needs are in order to plan projects for design and construction needs prior to the bond campaigning and bidding process.

In the area of creating a positive and nurturing school environment for students, school officials will form a committee to develop or purchase a consistent character education program.

The benchmark performances on the impact of the character education program is designed to create a more positive and nurturing school environment.

In doing this, it is estimated that 63 percent of upper elementary students will treat each other well, while 81 percent of middle and high school students will feel very safe or mostly safe in the hallways and bathrooms of their school.

Promoting building-to-building collaboration and communication fostering relationships among staff is another initiative the school will focus on. It is proposed to be an on-going team building program where it will include birthday celebrations, “Snack and Chat” sessions and monthly site level breakfast gatherings.

After one year of implementation, a cross-building team of activities will enable teachers and staff to go on scavenger hunts, ropes course and an Oologah Lake retreat.

By 2022 all school sites will have a Professional Learning Communities (PLC) built into their schedules, according to the plan.

The district aims at strengthening parent and community relationships through school sponsored extra-curricular activities by first developing a student/teacher survey, then collect and analyze responses.

Once a determination has been made on the most widely requested interest areas, a sponsor will be recruited for the organization or clubs, then evaluated for sustainability and impact to see if it will be offered on a continual basis.

There will be opportunities for students to perform documented community service by looking at existing community services, with potential to add more opportunities for students.

The district communication plan will be created consisting of parents, teachers and administrative staff to increase and enhance communication between each.

Each of the goals will be monitored and documented as they progress to measure outcomes on monthly or — for some — on an annual basis.

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