Another portion of city ordinance has been repealed by Claremore City Council.

This time, it is an ordinance pertaining to the city's Board of Adjustment.

Jill Ferenc told the council they were being called on to vote for an amendment to one chapter and the repeal of another.

"The goal is to have one chapter dedicated to Board of Adjustment, so there are two separate chapters to be updated," she said. "The Board of Adjustment reviewed their bylaws to be sure they were consistent with city code and state statute."

Ferenc said they're erring on the side of caution after a Board of Adjustment issue became a legal matter.

"Last year we had a Board of Adjustment case that went to Rogers County District Court, it was an appeal. The city won that but myself and the attorney have been coming through our ordinances just to make sure word-for-word we meet the state statute exactly," she said. "The Board also expressed interest in reviewing our ordinances as they are."

In general, she said, the changes that are reflected are ones that show consistency or simplification of the code.

"One change the board of adjustment was very interested in seeing was that if an applicant was denied the variance or special exception request, they can't come back with an application for the same request for at least one year," Ferenc said.

With no further discussion, the council voted in favor of the changes.

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