Multi-agency efforts resulted in a felony drug arrest in Rogers County.

Police records show Roy Moffeit is facing felony drug charges—possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, maintaining a place where drugs are kept and possession of a firearm during commission of a felony.

Pryor police officer Mitchell Phillips stopped a vehicle driven by Bobby Moffeit and reportedly found a large plastic tub containing marijuana inside the vehicle.

Drug-related text messages and selfless were reportedly located on the phone, according to Mitchell.

During police interviews the man reportedly admitted to selling marijuana "here and there" whenever he needed the money.

"He was then confronted by investigators about the self on his cell phone showing him with numerous large vacuum sealed bags of marijuana lying inside a safe," according to police records. "He then admitted that the safe was his dad's, Roy Moffeit's, gun safe and it was located at his dad's house."

"Bobby Moffeit advised that his business partners took a trip to California and purchased the marijuana and transported it back to Oklahoma and asked him if he would keep it while he drove back to California for more," Mitchell reports. "He stated that his father advised him to get rid of the marijuana as soon as possible and that his father also allowed him to store it in his gun safe until he could sell it off. "

According to Mitchell's reports, Bobby Moffeit told investigators there was still approximately 10 to 11-pounds of marijuana in the safe as of the day he was arrested.

Mayes and Rogers County law enforcement officers joined forces to obtain and serve a search warrant on Roy Moffeit's residence.

Roy Moffeit reportedly admitted to law enforcement that he knew the marijuana was in the safe and "admitted to encouraging Bobby Moffeit to put the marijuana in the safe instead of driving around with it."

He also reportedly admitted to knowing the marijuana was for distribution.

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