Rogers County Courthouse

A lawsuit was filed in the Rogers County District Court last week against the Rogers County Board of County Commissioners for an alleged breach of contract with a Sapulpa company.

Mid-West Printing Company filed the action on May 17 against the BOCC after the company alleged it had invoiced the Rogers County Clerk's office in the amount of $55,314.48 for work completed between June 23, 2016 and December 13, 2016.

The work description listed on an invoice shown in a court document by the printing company indicates that amount is for converting microfilm to digital images, book and page indexing and importing images into the KellPro System.

The printing company claims it is seeking that amount as their first cause of action. If the court does not agree to the payment amount, court records show their second cause of action against the county is to recover a “reasonable amount” to “commensurate with the county's unjust enrichment.”

As last recourse if the first or second cause of action is not granted by the court, causing Mid-West Printing Company to be barred from monetary compensation, they are requesting the court to order the county to allow them access to the County Clerk's computer system to remove the work product that they provided.

Civil Attorney Ben Lepak stated after the BOCC was presented with a demand for payment from Mid-West Printing Company's attorneys and after discussing the item in a lawful executive session on May 1, BOCC Commissioners Dan DeLozier, Ron Burrows and Steve Hendrix voted to deny the claim.

Of the lawsuit, Lepak said, “The Board has not yet been served with a lawsuit regarding this matter, but looks forward to answering Mid-West's allegations should the matter proceed to litigation.”