Pursuit through Claremore neighborhood ends in drug arrest

A high-speed pursuit ended in the Canyon Oaks addition in Claremore and resulted in a felony arrest Wednesday.

Approximately four grams of methamphetamine, $1,015 in cash and marijuana were reportedly found in Terry Compton's vehicle at the time of his arrest Wednesday evening.

Claremore Police Department reports show Officer Kyle Brassfield conducted a traffic stop at Fourteenth Street and north Chambers Terrace.

Brassfield spoke to the driver, 23-year old Compton, and were informed that he had insurance but that he did not have a valid driver's license.

"As I gathered his name and phone number, I asked him why the car smelled like burnt marijuana," said Brassfield. "He insisted there were no drugs in the car and he was not under the influence of any drugs. I walked back to my patrol car and I heard the engine start, and Terry put the truck in drive and sped off."

The officer's report states that Compton then led police on a chase through residential neighborhoods at "a very high rate of speed."

The pursuit eventually ended on north Hwy. 88, near Canyon Oaks.

Compton eventually pulled off the highway, exited the vehicle and surrendered, Brassfield reported.

A search of the vehicle during impound yielded approximately four grams of methamphetamine, $1,015 in cash, marijuana, clear plastic baggies, and paraphernalia.

Compton was arrested on felony charges of eluding police officers/endangering others and possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute and misdemeanor possession and traffic offenses.

Compton, at the time of arrest, had three outstanding municipal warrants in Claremore.

Additionally, he had three previous misdemeanor convictions for possession of a controlled dangerous substance.