Claremore Fire Department

Rylee Collier got a chance to climb aboard a fire truck and meet firefighters Stephen Campbell, Andrew Sherman and Deriek Harris Friday as they applauded the three-year old's handling of a fire.


"Papa, I have a problem."

These were three-year old Rylee Collier's calm words in alerting his grandfather to the presence of a grease fire in their kitchen.

"My father-in-law was at home with the kids. There was a mix-up, there was a pan on the back burner with grease and a pan on the front burner with water. He meant to boil water, but accidentally turned on the wrong one," said mom, Kayla Collier "He went to his room for a second, and the whole back of the wall, fan and everything had caught fire. Rylee ran in there very calm to tell him."

She said Rylee has been around bonfires but has never really learned fire safety.

"And he's usually a pretty active, rowdy little boy so for him to be so calm about it I thought was neat," she said. "He said 'Papa we have a problem, there's a big fire."

Collier said within seconds the house was filled with smoke.

"It could have been a total loss. And my daughter, who is 2, was in the house, too. What if they hadn't gotten out," Collier said.

In the aftermath of the chaos, Collier said Rylee has been calm, un-phased by it all.

Friday afternoon, firefighters with Claremore Fire Department were happy to give Rylee a tour of the truck and thank him for a job well done.

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