Agencies in multiple states aided in identifying a man wanted on child pornography charges in which a Rogers County child was targeted.

Rogers County court records show Steven Marks, of Orlando, Fla., is facing felony charges of procuring juvenile pornography and engaging in sexual communication with a minor by use of technology, both felony offenses.

"On June 16, I received a report from the Lawrence Kan. Police Department involving child pornography and procurement of child pornography within Rogers County," RCSO Investigator Kyle Baker reports in the affidavit filed in the case.

The detective in Kansas, Detective Josh Leitner, provided RCSO with information they'd learned during their investigation.

Investigator Baker reports learning that Marks began chatting with the Rogers County victim on a chatting app where he "asked her to play a selfie game."

"Steven would gradually ask her for pictures of herself doing odd things like sticking her tongue out, making funny faces and exposing her body parts," Baker stated.

The victim reportedly told Marks she was 10-years-old.

"Marks continued asking for pictures of her showing her naked body," Baker reported. "He asked her to show her breast, vagina and butt. She sent over 30 images of naked parts of her body to Steven, upon his request."

Investigators examined Marks' cell phone and the images were located and extracted.

In the affidavit, Baker reports that during his interview with the investigators in Kansas, Leitner confessed to asking her to send nude photographs of herself.

"He had procured child pornography by asking multiple other underage children to send nude photographs of themselves," Baker said.

Charges were filed in Rogers County, and an arrest warrant issued, Monday at which time no bond had been set.

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